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Exploiting 18 year old party girl totally taking advantage


18 year old party girl 

My given name is Kishori Raman Tandon. ‘Kishori’ means  ‘a girl who just attained her puberty’, generally a 18 year old girl. ‘Raman’ means  ‘to fuck with’, thus the said name is appropriate to my profile and identity. As I really fuck with the early-teen girls, called chicks. Although I am now 67 years old, I have really fucked thousands of women, girls, and boys. I started my actual fucking when I was 17. 

I was got married when I was 27;  my first and last wife died ten years ago. My married life was in a sense ‘sexy and obscene’.  Even best of my efforts, I could not get a son; I have now 5 daughters – – – all pretty, sexy and fuckable. I am proud that I sure had fucked my own daughters with great esteem. My friends and a few strangers plentifully fucked my beloved wife in the hope to get a son or two from other people’s semen. So, truly speaking ours is an incestuous family.

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I will not narrate the story of my wife fucking with other able-bodied males or the incest I committed with my own daughters when they were little innocents or thereafter. That I will narrate for another occasion. here I will stick to the good chicks, teen young whom I fucked employing various methods.

Currently, I fuck 18 year old girl, mostly school girls, but sometimes their moms and teachers together. For this adventure, I survey various schools and establish contacts with school authorities and patrons of these schools. I spend a handsome amount of money for that.

Once I went to Japan. Both in Tokyo and Kyoto, I noticed school girls rendering sex services to older males in good spirit. A warning here, these school girls are not prostitutes or call girls. you cannot fuck them in the literal sense. But these girls earn money for their education by simply providing ‘company’. they decorate themselves in dolls clothes, looking like real dolls with a tiny doll in their hands or a lollipop in her mouth. Little girls, they will be able to sit onto your lap, perfectly, comfortable and joyfully. But as I wanted pure and raw naked flesh I only once enjoyed such sitting.

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Date: December 2, 2018

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