Cute 18 Years Old Virgin Soft Nice Ass


Candid cute 18 Years Old virgin Soft Nice Ass

I had not really planned to end up in bed with Ron, but things like that happen in college. I had actually gone to the dorm mixer the first week of class, despite being a junior. I was mostly to watch the freshmen act amazed at their ‘first college party’ and to check out the new talent. Brown hair, average height, an o.k. body I guess but nothing remarkable……. 

18 Years Old

I was not real taken with Ron, but I’m too nice a person to let someone sleep on a couch all night because they are too shy to knock on their own door.He looked surprised and not sure what to say.

“Loose your key? The desk can give you one.”

“No, my roommate has the flag up, so I guess I will just crash out here for a bit.”

He seemed embarrassed.

I tried not to roll my eyes. How long can Freshman sex last anyway?

I smiled again. “Best you ever had, I bet. Well, you were great too.” I wiped of his mouth a bit, and we fell back to sleep pretty quickly, him with his arms wrapped around me and his dick pressed up against my ass.

That was the only time Ron and I were ever together. He found a girlfriend within a week, and stayed with her for years. She was this pretty sorority girl whose daddy apparently had a zillion dollars, and she stuck to him like glue, which seemed hard to understand for a lot of people, but not for me.

“Fuck me more. Fuck me more.” 

“So are we all done? You had some fun, and so did I, and you are still, technically a virgin.” I tried to do my best cute look, but I was tired and had a lot of cum on my face, which does not help.

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Date: December 3, 2018

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