Anal Sex With Tony Powered by xnx video

ANAL SEX WITH TONY Powered by XnX Video

Tony is in her balcony looking towards main gate of apartment. I enter the gate while looking towards her balcony and she smiled on me. I moved to upstairs to meet aunty (tony) and she opened the main gate of her flat……… “Garry are you free tomorrow ?

(Garry) yes but when ?

(Tony) in the official hour 11:00 till evening…… “. And I assured her to meet tomorrow but I have to bunk my classes.

I left my flat to catch bus and attend classes but moved upstairs to ring the door bell of aunt TONY. She opened the door and ask me to enter inside. Wearing a sleeveless night gown up to her knee length is making her hot as well as wild. While sitting on sofa I ask her……. “Any plan for a day

(Tony sits on my lap) yes a hot day with you. “And she is pressing her heavy bum on my penis bulge. Now my hand grabbed her breast and while pressing it hard, I started kissing her neck as well as face. She has prepared herself for hot day with me. Now I make her stand and we both are in each others arms. My hand is moving on her bum while, she is putting her lips on my lips to kiss and suck. Our lips are locked and her breasts are pressing on my chest. Tony moved further to push her long tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, I have lifted her gown up to her waist. A medium size ass which is round and dome shaped is getting my palms rub..

Tony took out her tongue and pushed me, I fell on sofa and she is sitting on ground, while removing my pant she is looking at me and I took out her gown from her hot body. She is in her undergarments only and I am complete nude. While sitting on her knees she is kissing my glans and rubbing it on her soft face as well as lips. She is rolling her tongue while looking at me and I put my hand on her breast to massage. She took my 1/2 of cock in her mouth and while sucking it fastley her fingers are in pubic hair. Now I unhooked her brassieres and she is moving her tongue on my cock. She is a hot lady in her early thirties and I pushed my long cock in her mouth to suck, she sucked it for a while..

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Tony is sitting on sofa with her legs wide apart and I removed her panty to look her vagina. Now my lips are on her soft thighs and she is screaming in joy with her hand holding my hairs tightly. Now I licked her thighs and her legs are moving far away giving me full visibility. Now I put my lips on her labias and kissed it for while, she opened her vaginal hole and my 1/2 of tongue is going inside to fuck it. A nice oral sex session is going on and I took her vagina in my mouth to suck. She is shouting….. “Ooohhh aaahhhh uummm Garry suck it hard I will cum… ” And I got the sweet taste of her vaginal fluid. We both moved to washroom..

Tony is pissing and I came under cascade for bath. Now we both are under cascade having a nice bath. I put some gel on her breast to waist and she is putting gel on my upper part. We both are covered under body gel and I am on my knees to put gel on her sexual organs. Now I took her in my arms, we both are kissing each other and Tony hold my penis and pushed it in her cunt. Slowly I fucked her from below, my gel covered penis is moving in her glory hole and she is brushing her boobs on my chest. While kissing my lips, she…… “Oohh Garry fuck me hard you are too hot and strong anal sex

(Garry) oh my sexy lady you are too hot and wild. ” I am fucking her from front side and than she opened the cascade to wash our hot body. We are in orgasm but left to washroom..

We are on bed and she is willing for anal sex. So she slept on bed with her face down and her lovely ass is in upward direction. Now while sitting near her bum, I pushed a pillow inside her waist and put butter cake on her bum as well as ass crack. Looking at me, Tony smiled and I am putting butter on her ass hole as well as cunt. Now my finger is moving inside her ass and its lubricated. Now she is on her knees like a doggy, I pushed my long cock in her cunt and started fucking her while she is swinging her bum fastly. Later on, I put my glans on her ass hole, slowly pushing my penis in her lubricated hole and while holding her waist, I felt my penis brushing in her anus hole, I pushed her hard and she screamed louder……. “Ohh Garry your penis is too hard and thick for my tiny ass hole, be humble with it anal sex
Garry) oh tony I think you have never paid attention on your ass hole. ” And I am giving her hard fuck. She is in pain but slowly moving her ass to enjoy my penis. My penis is in a narrow path and it friction with anus is making it hot. So I took my dick out and put some oil in her ass hole while I am fucking her glory hole, she is swinging her ass fastley. Our sexual organs are hot and I am penetrating her cunt fastley. She shouted…… “Ooh Garry I will cum….. ” And her cum made her cunt wet.. anal sexanal sex

Tony is sleeping on bed with her legs wide apart and I put my tongue to lick it juice. Lastly I made her like a four legged animal on floor and while standing near her lovely ass, I pushed my cock in her anus hole. Its oily and now have smooth ride from my penis. She is enjoying her anal fuck while moving her bum fastly, my penis is in a tiny hole and after 5-7 minutes of deep penetration, her ass hole become dry and I am fucking her ass to pour my cum in it. I shouted…… “Ooh I will cum in your ass, have it you bitch…… ” And penis chummed inside. She took my dick in her mouth to suck and taste its juice. Our hot day passed like an hour. anal sex

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